Are allen payne and demetria mckinney dating

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But, until I can find evidence to prove something's going on, I'm just going to assume that Allen Payne is on the market and looking for a woman like me to rock his world!

On Real Housewives of Atlanta, she admitted to Cynthia Bailey that she and Roger Bobb were “on” the same period of time Gocha said she dated Roger Bobb. “I don’t know her, but I know him.” Now, it happened, but while they were “off.”“I went to Kandi’s sexy party in an effort to get to know these ladies a bit better, relax, and enjoy a Kandi Koated Night,” said Demetria.

“And two-year-old tea gets spilled by random girl #673 hoping for a cameo?! You need that light so badly that you’d openly confess that your shining moment came from being on your back?! Never again admit to being a sock (Definition: Something to keep his stuff warm during the cold moment of a break up).

She is known for her work as Janine Shelton–Payne on the TBS comedy sitcom Tyler Perry's House of Payne (2006–2012).

She was nominated for a 2009 National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) Vision Award for Best Performance in a Comedy, in recognition of her work on House of Payne.

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“It helps them to learn about real situations in life and how to deal with them.” Memorable moment: “Gladys Knight was on the show (in season 5 episode ‘The Talent Show’), and I’m a big fan of hers,” Davis says.

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