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Schecter Guitar Enthusiast gives the curious all the information they could want about Schecter Guitars. Just came into possession of a Diamond Series 7-string as part of a multi-guitar trade. Great condition, color is black with the matte finish. It has all gold colored hardware and the body seems to be a cross between a tele and a strat. Without doing any research I'm wondering if it was made in '81 … My question now (and I'm hoping for someone's expertise/experience -- please feel free to chime in!! Near mint, but has an "upgraded" Kahler locking tremolo.

Pictures of every guitar and extensive explanation of thier features. I was under the impression that the "A" means it was made in Texas, which would put it between '83 and '86 (when it was purchased brand new). Has about 8 or 9 of those crazy bat inlays on the fretboard, very cool. The headstock is marked with just the word SCHECTER and nothing else anywhere on the guitar gives me a clue to the model or age.

I purchased a Schecter Diamond Series C-7 from my local pawn shop a few months ago for USD 80.

It lookes exactly like the blue guitar in this topic, except that the body is red and the hardware is chrome.

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If a 9-digit number, the last three digits would be the nth instrument made that day", , - -

B0Spector - Files/Stromberg - - "According to the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, the 8-digit Takamine serial numbers have a form of YYMMDDXX, where the first two digits are the year; the second two, the month; the next two, the day; and the last two as the nth instrument made that day.

Ron I have a near mint 1984 black PT - all original with the original hardshell case, great playing and rare guitar. I am the original owner and I am willing to sell for the right price. I'm the first owner of a beautiful Schecter Van Nuys Power-Strat built in 1981. This is the Damien 6 that has the two EMGz that sell for 80-90 each. I have owned this guitar for 30 years, bought it used, it was never in a pawn shop, I had posted it on Craig's list for a short time.

: Hi, : I am the original owner of this pristine guitar, I am an acoustic guy now a ND AM LOOKING TO SELL. : S/N A 8530 : Ron : 518-678-6220 do you still want to sell this guitar Hi, Are youre guitar still up for sale ?

: Pete Can't be from 81/82 beacause in 82 they were still located in Van Nyus, California. All Schecters made in the Van Nyus era have a serial beginning with an S..

Are Schecter Diamond Series models available with custom options?

We do not customize or modify our Diamond Series guitars or basses in any way.

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