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Besides the cost of the basic ads there are add ons and up sell coming out your ass. It’s kinda funny as escorts themselves who upsell and add on can easily get lambasted and a ruined reputation on any number of message boards and website but mall sites who cater to the same escorts consider the upsell and add on, standard operating procedure. If i tried to pull that crap, id be out of business in a heartbeat. However they didn’t lower their prices with his change, even though they asked their advertisers to do the work of building their own ads. I’ve already seen several escorts tweet that that in fact was not true that their ads have increased in price. In LV another of Eros larger markets they make 50,000 a month (on average) on base ads alone. When you put that all together its 2 million a year for only 3 of their markets with no add ons and upsells. Now the dirty little secret is that Eros makes their real cash on the upsell and add on which can often double your ad prices. However the market is changing and Eros would be wise to pay heed to that.Before you get lost in La La Land with one of our award-winning California escorts, grab some eye candy by viewing images of our models and their glowing escort reviews.There is a whole lot more on The Erotic Review, GFEClub and Best where you will find sizzling stories and top ratings of gorgeous LA Call Girls ready to please.

I believe every man has something that makes him very sexy.

But, if you pay an escort to have sex, then it becomes prostitution.

Prostitution is sex for money and it is a crime in California.

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For those not in the know The Eros Guide is the largest, oldest and most prominent escort advertising mall website. I have placed ads not just in the escort section but I also placed ads in the photographer section as well. You need a “base” ad which is a basic ad price and gets you the basic listing. Next month Eros will be raising their prices on their base ads in many cities. Message boards bring me more potential clients then Eros ever did and their traffic and click-thru are down across the board and their SEO rankings are non existent in some cities.

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