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Recognizing that no one can anticipate all etiquette questions, it was decided to create our very own PRACTICAL Miss Manners.When I described what I wanted to do to a very good friend, she jumped at the chance.Instead of just signing your real name, although you can do that if you like, we would like you to get a little imaginative on what name you use to help describe the situation.You do not even have to use your real town, as long as it helps describe the situation.

Timeshares are flexible to support children's changing needs as they grow.If you ever met Morgan, you would see that she is a very classy person and clearly prescribed to the guidelines of etiquette.So, you are thinking to yourself, "How does that qualify her to be "Miss Manners"? Maybe it doesn't, but this certainly does: Prior to moving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and becoming a realtor, Morgan spent 20 years in corporate executive search which included consulting on etiquette especially for new MBA grads without any training in this area.To borrow from Nora Ephron, "In my next life I must get one of those divorces." Nine years after we split up, my ex still thrives on anger and revenge -- despite getting all the property, the timeshare he wanted, essentially full custody of one of our children and finding a legal way not to pay child support.He's remarried to a nice, accomodating woman, and the two of them globe-trot and hobnob to their hearts' content. My ex, like most high-conflict personalities, isn't happy unless he has a target.

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