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In general, I don't consider someone's ethnicity in the dating equation.Each person is an individual, with their own unique traits.

But some people believe that it is no more than a myth, and Russian women are vain hope that their appearance makes them competitive with Western rivals.

*********************************************************************************************** We all know why American guys want to find a woman from Ukraine or Russia, namely: we are feminine, family-oriented and pretty.

We all know why Russian and Ukrainian women dream to find a match abroad, namely: most Russian and Ukrainian men drink too much, they are violent, they don’t respect their woman, they don’t respect family values…

Many psychologists notice that according the proverb, “man still loves by eyes”, and appearance for him is more important that for the woman.

He is more being biological creature, and can not live without instincts, since the nature arranged him.

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I don’t hate american women but I understand that the american culture, being that I’m a native hawaiian, don’t match my thought process and outlook on life. I found that the outlook on life that Ukrainian women have match how I think and I believe that you have to search for a woman, from a country, that matches how you look at life.

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  1. Now Magazine It is not the first time they have been linked, as speculation over a romance was rife in 2010 when Aston admitted he fancied the former Hollyoaks babe.