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I like going out on a night on the town or just staying at home, cuddling on the sofa and eating pizza.

Gay is home to the largest selection of single hot gay men you will ever find in one place.

In fact, with the immense popularity of social networking which includes online dating, wealthy gay men and women now have entire online dating sites dedicated to them, where as at one time, these same dating sites were mutually exclusive to men and women looking for heterosexual relationships.

In terms of the hundreds of dating sites found on the internet, gay millionaire dating is a fairly new concept.

If you're interested in meeting and dating a gay millionaire, one of the best places to begin is with a specialized matchmaker.

Even famed TV matchmaker Patti Stanger of the popular Bravo television series "Millionaire Matchmaker," had planned on opening up the show to the gay community after its first season in 2008.

Most are also predominantly what I call 'Negotiators' --men and women particularly expressive of the estrogen system in the brain.

Negotiators tend to be empathetic, linguistically skilled, adept at handling people-and nurturing.

Gays and lesbians inherited these brain circuits just like the rest of us." She went on to note: "But the gays and lesbians in these 10 cities have an extra predisposition.

Let’s just say you’re a gay man looking for a same-sex relationship online.

You’ve never looked before, and you may not know where to start, but you already have your list of what you’re looking for.

They also want someone who is committed, loyal, kind, and sweet.

Attractive appearances and style will only go so far.

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