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While he waited for the results, he called his girlfriend: “Stephanie, they think it’s lymphoma.” Dead silence. “It was so big, you could take it out and mold it into the size of an NFL football,” he says.

“If you don’t want to be here for this,” he continued, “I will understand.” “No,” she said, “we’re going to fight this together every step of the way.” He hung up and told his parents, “I’m going to marry that girl.” When the biopsy results came back, Duffy’s doctor called, exuberant: “We’ve hit a home run! “It encapsulated my pancreas, kidney, everything.” The pain came from the tumor pressing on his vertebrae, and by the time he was diagnosed, it was so severe that Needles wanted to admit him. Eight days later, over dinner at the Ritz-Carlton, he asked Stephanie to marry him. Before he showed up for his first chemo session, Duffy had a stop to make: the sperm bank. What do you say to the nurse when you walk out with an empty cup? I have to go to chemo .” The nurse assures him that “about 40 percent of males in this position don’t” and sends him home with a sterile cup and instructions that make it a not-so-pleasurable process.

His doctor had told him that if he ever wanted to have children biologically, he should freeze sperm before he started chemo. “You can’t open the cup until you are about to finish, and your penis can’t touch the inside of the cup,” he says.

He’d put off the task until the last possible moment. “You have to be like a juggling clown as well as an acrobat, and then you have 30 minutes to get it back there or it could die.” He managed, then went straight to chemo.

"Because testicular cancer occurs at a young age and is highly curable, many survivors may live upwards of five decades," said lead study author Mohammad Issam Abu Zaid, MBBS, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana.

"Our findings underscore the need for clinicians to assess testicular cancer survivors for physical signs or symptoms of hypogonadism and to measure testosterone levels in those who do." Low testosterone can be present at the time of a testicular cancer diagnosis, or it can develop as a side effect of surgery or chemotherapy.

“So I go in the room, and there’s a couch and a chest of drawers and suboptimal filth. “And thus started 13 weeks of hell,” he says: four hours a day for five days, two weeks off, repeat three times. By Wednesday, he was cocky: no nausea, no hair loss.

Thursday, he woke up and didn’t want to move, lest he vomit. “You have no control, so you try to control anything you can: You go to Great Clips and have them shave it off. ‘I always wondered what I’d look like bald…’ And then you lose your eyebrows and your eyelashes, and nothing’s prepared you for that.

But moving on from Amanda, Alberto has found new love and happiness in Madison, and the posts they share on social media sites proves the same.He probed, first tentatively, then with horrified fascination. He showed his girlfriend, a pharmacist, and she said, “That shouldn’t be there.” He went to a doc-in-the-box, who frowned and said, “That shouldn’t be there.” He wangled an emergency appointment with a physician, who said, “Yeah, that shouldn’t be there.” “My God,” Duffy thought, “This is ! “Testicular cancer is one of our most dramatic success stories,” he says. He developed the chemotherapy that cured cyclist Lance Armstrong, whose cancer had metastasized to his lungs, abdomen, and brain.” But things got serous fast: first an emergency CAT scan, then a needle biopsy. Duffy, too, had caught his cancer late: Stage 3, it had spread to his abdomen and entwined itself so insidiously that surgery and radiation were impossible.Just Google “joint pain” and a dozen possible causes, from arthritis to Epstein-Barr.It’s a candy store for hypochondriacs, where a sniffle can spell pneumococcal, an itch can mean squamous carcinoma.

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