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In addition, each panel can accept another control as child control.Status Bar Pro Component If you have a software using the TStatus Bar Pro component, and you would like your product to be listed here, please post the link to your software’s homepage and a brief description about it on the miscellaneous section of the forum.The advent of highly autonomous and driverless technology will necessitate regular OTA updates, just one facet, carmakers said, of robust data flow in and out of the car.

Incumbent carmakers have been slow to integrate OTA software updates into their designs, though that's changing as computers play a bigger and bigger role in every vehicle's functionality.The notes also cover how to install IDE extensions or make simple units available in design time packages.The tip assumes you are installing source code, not pre-compiled units or packages.// Microsoft Win HTTP Services, version 5.1 (Version 5.1) C:\Windows\system32\function Download(const url, filename: String): Boolean; var IWin Http Request; w Url: Wide String; fs: TFile Stream; File Stream: IStream; sz,rd,wr: Int64; begin try w Url := url; http := Co Win Http Request. Copy To(File Stream,sz,rd,wr); finally File Stream := nil; fs. Free; end; end; except result := false; // do not raise exceptions. Create;'GET', wurl, False); http.send(Empty Param); FStatus := http.status; // 200=OK! Free; end; end; except result := false; // do not raise exceptions. end; end; begin try Download(' except on E: Exception do Writeln(E.

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