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But the Immigration Service’s three-week fact finding mission concluded that an alleged shoot-to-kill policy targeting Eritreans who illegally leave the country “might have been party true previously but …Among these communities, the Tigrinyas make up about 55% of the population, with the Tigre people constituting around 30% of inhabitants.In addition, there are a number of Nilo-Saharan-speaking Nilotic ethnic minorities.Eritrean territory covers about 48,000 square miles (125,000 square kilometers) and contains a wide variety of rugged landscapes: mountains, desert, highland plateau, lowland plains, and off the coast some 150 coral islands.The topographical variety has affected the social organization and mode of production of the country's nine ethnic groups.

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It is also the starting point for visits to the Dahlak Archipelago, the many beautiful Dahlak Islands, one of the least spoilt and least known reefs in the Red Sea.

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