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When she is in a relationship she doesn't let anyone talk crap on her other half, she doesn't like to disappoint him, nor make him mad.Kasey is the type of girl that stays happy, she's a fighter, strong, shy, and the ones that are special to her are the ones opinions that mean the most. If you are dating a Kasey make sure you never let her go.But from the first time I got on a four-wheeler, a car or whatever, I felt like I knew what I was doing — and that was nice.

Kasey Kahne, his non-gayness and his seemingly never-present girlfriend - Kasey Kahne status: Not gay, has girlfriend.

With regard to the site's "indefinite hiatus," however, insiders cite a different reason altogether: Robby's running off to new girlfriend so shortly after Max's birth was more than the new baby mama could handle and she found an outlet -- and audience -- on the Uprising, which led to its ultimate demise. Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s love life - Fans wonder, given his immediate family's history, is it any wonder he's hesitant to settle down working towards the ultimate goal of marriage?

When I was younger, it was both, because my dad always was on me to learn about the cars and work on the cars.

But don't misunderstand me, Kasey can be very stubborn, if she doesn't want to do something, there's a very good chance she won't.

Kaseys usually have beautiful eyes, and smooth hair, and really good at pleasing a man, she may not know it but many have told her that she's a heartbreaker Kasey is amazing, unique, and you'd be lucky to date one.

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Those guys have always been my favorite drivers growing up because I enjoyed the way that they got to NASCAR and then what they’ve done along the way and in NASCAR and how dominant they were at times. The hardest part of my job away from the racetrack right now is probably the schedule.

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