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The lyrics even say she doesn't care about "superman looks." Uh, why would you care how attractive your son is? First of all, I consider myself much better off for NOT knowing this ladies story. And staring at him creepily as he plays guitar for some girl?

Penny’s storyline is that she’s going to “out” Melissa’s past on the show this season, so it’s interesting that they were all captured having what looks like an intense conversation.

Unfortunately for Miss Pease, the Associated Press picked up the story, and she found herself the center of attention. By Episode Three it looked like Ronnie was tiring of her friendship with Jody Claman, giving Mary an inside edge.

Because in the video, it looks like she's pining after a little's pretty creepy.

I don’t follow beauty pageants, but I do know that they take their image very seriously – or at least they did in the 80s. She implied that Miss Cash won because she was the grand-niece of singer Johnny Cash. For those of you that have managed to watch The Real Housewives of Vancouver, things seem rosy between Mary and on-and-off-again best friend Ronnie Negus, but that’s not the case behind the scenes.

Miss Pease didn’t think her comments would “go national.” This was in a time where before the internet and comments printed in a local paper could stay local. The two made up in Episode One of the show after a disastrous reunion.

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