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Since the very beginning, the cemetery has been properly divided in lots which were gradually used as graves ; and a walk around the cemetery also gives an idea of the styles in which the tombs were built.The cemetery is situated on a hill sloped from the north down to the south and from the west down to the east, in a basin in its southeastern part where a columbary with its own funeral parlor was added in the 20s.The New Jewish Cemetery which will never be completely filled with graves because the devastating blast of Nazism exterminated those who could and should have rested here one day, is a homogenous architectural monument.

All of Prague’s major attractions and shopping centers are within easy reach and the airport is just a 25 minute drive away.- A PRESERVED CULTURAL MONUMENT - The New Jewish Cemetery in Prague 3 is a preserved cultural monument as a whole ; due to its character, disposition and a hundred-year excellent administration supported by a considerable role the Hevra Kaddisha (burial society) played in Prague's Jewish community.The Hevra Kaddisha saw to it that graves were established in cemetery lots both chronologically and in accordance with the family's wish and significance which played its natural and social roles even at the moment of death in the bourgeois society.The Hevra Kaddisha also saw to it that inscriptions on tombstones were truthful and testifying to the buried person's character. There were also structures built in the building style that prevailed in Prague in those times - neo-Renaissance.Since its establishment in 1891, the cemetery has been surrounded by the wall protecting the space for some 100.000 graves, i. It is the style of the funeral parlor with a respectable hall of prayer, and adjacent rooms needed for the ritual preparation of the burial ; as well as the administration building including the cemetery caretaker's office and his and gravediggers' apartments, and other structures such as a storehouse of wood used to make coffins.

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And it’s for those who took it further: the generations of fathers, sons, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who fired up their engines and followed their dreams of freedom on two wheels.

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