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Learn how to use the internet and online dating sites safely to avoid becoming a “romance” scam victim.Online dating scammers, often referred to as ‘catfish,’ generally make up fake profiles using fake pictures, fake names, and false information that will appeal to the masses.The anonymity of online dating has opened the flood gates to cheats, liars, and thieves looking to make a quick buck.There are several “red flags” that may indicate that a person is a scammer rather than a legitimate admirer.Overview of collaborative and social networking There are several types of sites where people collaborate or communicate socially.The following definitions may be useful: Millions of people of all ages have tried Internet dating services as a way to meet new friends and possibly find a lifelong partner.When you first meet somebody offline you have visual clues as to their age, gender, and general demeanor.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that online dating platforms give hackers and scammers easy access to the hearts and wallets of unsuspecting victims.

Just as with dating in real life, these online romance platforms host a number of threats including hacks, catfishing and now, investment fraud scam artists.

These scammers are well versed in how to play into an online dater’s vulnerability and eventually con them out of their money with an intricate and entirely falsified investment opportunity.

There are some things that you should be concerned with when using them, though.

And, what you have to know is that it’s never okay to let your guard down.

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  1. Peters started the venture two years ago when she left Ok Cupid with the hope of creating a platform to solve a major problem with dating via app: After spending hours messaging prospective mates, users often end up disappointed when they discover that there's no in-person connection—or because the messages never led to a date in the first place.“Other apps are really messaging platforms and we are all about getting people right to face-to-face,” says Peters, who previously founded Mixtt, a now-defunct group dating app.

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